White Papers and Articles

Data Instincts has written and contributed to White Papers and articles regarding public perceptions, public outreach & education and managing community relations related to recycled water and desalination projects. All documents are protected under U.S. copyright laws and must be cited appropriately if referenced.

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Model Communication Plans for Increasing Awareness and Fostering Acceptance of Direct Potable Reuse new window
WRRF 13-02

Getting Past the "Yuck Factor" (pdf)
AWWA November 2015

Helping People Understand Potable Reuse (pdf)
WRRF Draft June 2015

Turning the Tide of Public Perception (pdf)
Water Reuse & Desalination, June 2014

Development of Public Communication Toolkit for Desalination Projects (pdf)
Mark Millan/Data Instincts and Patricia Tennyson/Katz & Associates
Funded by the national WateReuse Research Foundation
Brief synopsis - Importance Of Communicating About A Desal Project (pdf)

New Ways to Engage the Community: iPad Tablets Encourage Input Via Interactive Experience (pdf)
Melanie Mow Schumacher, Robert Singleton, and Mark Millan
Presented, California WateReuse Association Annual Conference, Sacramento, California, March 26, 2012

Improving Public Acceptance: Communicating Risk in Ways Easily Understood by the Public (pdf)
Mark Millan, Laura Kennedy and Dr. Jean F. Debroux; Presented at Improving Public Acceptance:
Communicating Risk in Ways Easily Understood by the Public, International Water Association, Barcelona, Spain, September 29, 2011
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation PowerPoint

Risk Assessment Study of PPCPs in Recycled Water To Support Public Acceptance (pdf) 
Mark Millan, Laura Kennedy and Dr. Jean F. Debroux; Presented at Dana Point WateReuse Association Conference, March 21, 2011
Downloadable PowerPoint presentation PowerPoint

Public  Acceptance: The Greatest Barrier to Widespread Water Reuse (pdf)
Executive Director Wade Miller

Public and Political Acceptance of Direct Potable Reuse (pdf)
Margaret H. Nellor, P.E., and Mark Millan: Presented at the Direct Potable Reuse Workshop in Sacramento, CA on April 26 & 27, 2010

Can what we don’t know hurt us? Public Acceptance: What’s working, what isn’t? (pdf)
Presented at the 2007 California Section Annual Conference in Palm Springs on March 5, 2007

Getting to the Truth While Gaining Trust: What the Public Really Thinks About Recycled Water (pdf)
Mark Millan, Lisa Brew-Miller; Presented at the San Francisco WateReuse Conference on March 3, 2006

Optimizing the Customer Site Retrofit Process While Building Confidence in Public Outreach (pdf)
Mark Millan, Tom Gorman; Presented at the San Diego WateReuse Conference on February 28, 2005 

From Controversy to Consensus: The Redwood City Water Experience (pdf)
Peter Ingram, Valerie Young, Mark Millan, Chu Chang, Tonia Tabucchi; Will appear in a special volume of Desalination in Israel devoted to the proceedings of the 2005 Integrated Concepts in Water Recycling Conference.

Essential Elements to Successful Recycled Water Projects (pdf)
Mark Millan; Presented at California WateReuse Association Conference in San Francisco on February 28, 2003