Former Town of Windsor Mayor/Councilmember Mark Millan to Serve on California WateReuse Association Board of Directors

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For Immediate Release
April 18, 2020
Contact: Mark Millan, Data Instincts
(707) 836-0300

Windsor, CA – Mr. Mark Millan, former mayor and council member of the Town of Windsor, has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the WateReuse Association, California section. The WateReuse Association is a national organization advancing the acceptance and use of recycled water. Members of the California section voted today to appoint Mr. Millan to this important policy-making position.

Mr. Millan has played a leadership role in water recycling and reuse in the state and the nation for over twenty years. He was national chair of the WateReuse Association’s Public Outreach and Education Committee for seven years during which he received two presidential awards (2007, 2011). He also received two awards from the United States Department of Agriculture for his service in encouraging and promoting the national use of recycled water.

Locally, Mr. Millan has been involved in multiple recycled water projects including in Windsor, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, and Petaluma. He also participated in the development of the region’s innovative Geysers Recharge Project, and worked on many water reuse and other related projects in Napa and Marin counties.

“Water recycling and reuse continues to play an important role in securing a sustainable water future for our state, and for the country” said Mr. Millan. “It’s an honor to serve on the state’s WateReuse Board and to advocate for both near-term and long-term initiatives and policies that will promote greater water reuse to supplement our water supplies throughout California.”

Water reuse is the use of treated wastewater for beneficial purposes, which increases a community’s available water supply and makes it more reliable, especially in times of drought. At different levels of treatment, recycled water can be used instead of precious drinking water for a range of purposes, from irrigation, toilet flushing, and industrial uses, to groundwater recharge and surface reservoir enhancement. Recycled water is a sustainable, reliable, drought-proof water supply for the future of California and the US.


About Mark Millan

Mark Millan is the founder of Data Instincts, a professional consultancy specializing in public outreach for implementing recycled water projects (purple pipe and potable reuse). He has coordinated public outreach for dozens of recycled water projects throughout the United States and has advised on reuse internationally.