What the world can learn from Africa’s ‘cradle of water reclamation’

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VEZA: 8/23/23: There are already several indirect potable reuse – or IPR – facilities reclaiming water in the US and around the world. IPR uses an almost identical treatment process to DPR but for the addition of an environmental buffer, such as a lake, reservoir or groundwater aquifer, where the water sits after a first round of treatment and is diluted with a raw water supply.

Data Instincts Celebrates 25 years of Public Outreach Success with Recycled Water Projects Throughout the West

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Press Release, July 12, 2023: Since it got its start with the City of Santa Rosa’s Geysers Recharge Project in 1998, the Windsor-based firm has coordinated public outreach for more than $2 billion worth of recycled water projects, from purple pipe to potable reuse. During the past 25 years, the firm has worked on a variety of recycled water projects in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, including purple pipe projects for agricultural and landscape irrigation, potable reuse and advanced purified recycled water.